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CloudSilicon offers a set of Comprehensive and Flexible Managed IT Services tailored to your business, with simple and affordable flat-rate pricing plans.

Global + Local Integrated Support System. Instant Response. 

700 Network Operations Engineers ¦ 120 Help Desk Techs ¦ Toronto based IT Consultants


Business Hours or 24×7  :  Real Human Support with 9 sec response time.

One toll free number to call, day or night.

Whether it’s an issue of hardware, software, network, Internet, or something else, call, chat or email our Helpdesk anytime. You can count on a real person (US based) to answer your call and get your problem solved quickly. With a current average pick up time of 9 seconds, you get a qualified tech with knowledge of your network logging in remotely and solving your problem while you grab that cup of coffee and relax. That is the quality of service delivered by CloudSilicon.

Onsite IT Support

Yes, we come by as well.

We are always there to assist if you need us in the office. Even after hours, we will assist. And we do not only cover Microsoft software or the regular software packages, we assist on all software installations commonly found in Businesses across North America.  So bring those Dropbox, Quickbooks or other software and hardware issues to our attention, and we will fix it.

The World’s Top rated Network Operations Center monitors and protects your Business 24 x 7 x 365.

Predictive software helps preempt problems on your network.

Yes, we react to events almost instantly, but most events are predicted by CloudSilicon with the help of predictive modelling. Therefore a significant number of events each month are headed off prior to them affecting your business. This Silent Resolution feature helps your business carry on with minimum interruptions. This is another key differentiator from the traditional break and fix model that many small and medium businesses rely on even today.

The latest Virtual Machine Backups, onsite and offsite.

With the latest technologies, we can restore your service within 30 minutes of an outage, or less.

Our automated system monitors and verifies all backups and alerts us of any errors. Virtual Machines can spring up in 5 minutes to get your team back to work in 30 minutes. It is as if the data issue never happened. With active versioning, you can restore a complete drive, or a single file or folder from a previous versioned backup.

Premium Multilayered Security helps keep your Business safe.

We layer our security software to deliver an unmatched level of assurance to your business.

CloudSilicon has delivered over 100,000 licenses to clients in Canada and the US.  We work with only the best rated AntiVirus companies to ensure our clients stay protected against online threats and internal malicious attacks.  Our software can control content that an employee can access during business hours and we can even program certain hours during the day when they can safely access personal emails, social networks, personal banking and the like.

PCI compliance and Certified Ethical hacker Penetration Testing

A data breach seriously affects your customer’s trust, your reputation and the fallout could cause damage to your business. Especially with credit card data.

If you accept credit cards for your goods and services, you need to be PCI compliant. CloudSilicon consultants help you achieve compliance and stay compliant with network changes. Our certified ethical hackers can thoroughly test your network for weaknesses allowing us to make changes that help keep your environment secure from rogue elements and competitors.

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