We’re a CyberSecurity Company. We Protect our Clients’ Data, Reputation, and Longevity.


Founded in 2009, CloudSilicon has focused on new techniques to address current threats.  Our multilayered security profile is customized to each client’s unique situation, taking into account their industry, location, and any regulatory requirements. We then deploy the services of the world’s top rated Network Operations Center (NOC59) fine tuned for the SMB client and complemented by a highly responsive help desk. 


CloudSilicon partners with leading cybersecurity vendors, both traditional and disruptive to address our goal of delivering optimization and security. As threats evolve, so do our solutions.


Ready for that second opinion? Give us a call today to find out how CloudSilicon can help your company. We can assess your network in less than an hour and have a free report prepared for you in a couple of days.

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